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Treated structural sales growth chugs uphill towards dominant position

Like the little engine that thinks it can, sales of the Treated Structural <120mm grade has done its best to crest the hill and overtake the once dominant untreated Structural <120 mm grade. But as the target has loomed nearer, try as it might, the little engine has struggled to win the market – but the target remains in sight.

We can see in the chart below that sales of Treated Structural <120mm have been little short of sensational since 2003. The compound annual growth rate since the year-ended May 2003 has been 21.2%.


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However, despite its growth, the Treated Structural grade has struggled to maintain its growth in the last year, with the annualized growth rate falling back to one third of its long-term average.

We can see, further, in the chart below that the Treated Structural grade has had the lion’s share of growth over the last six years, when presented with its untreated equivalent.


To go straight to the dashboard and take a closer look at the data, click here.

By late 2017, the two grades had largely reached equilibrium, a position that they have retained subsequently. 

We expected to see the Treated grade chug along in late 2017 and overtake its untreated counterpart. That has not eventuated, possibly because of changing national production balances. We might expect that will still occur, but perhaps not form some time yet.

Posted Date: August 2, 2018

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