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UAVs and improving cost effectiveness of current forest fire fighting

While there is increasing concern about the danger posed by flying unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) near forest fire fighting activities, the use of the technology by the firefighters themselves has potential.

A new study by BR Christensen, from New Zealand’s Department of Conservation, investigated the use of UAVs and forward-looking infrared in forest, rural and wild-land fire management.

The benefits of combined UAVs and forward-looking infrared were measured as the reduction in cost-opportunity of helicopter use were estimated as an average of $548 per fire (where the average cost of fires was $1767) or a 31% cost saving on total suppression costs.

When implemented appropriately, the incorporation of UAVs and forward-looking infrared could well improve the cost effectiveness of the current forest, rural and wild-land firefighting efforts.

Click here for source (Forestry Expo)

Direct link to report (New Zealand Journal of Forestry Science)

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Posted Date: November 13, 2015

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