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Insulation Solutions to Enhance the Thermal Resistance of Suspended Timber Floor Systems in Australia

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Effective insulation of suspended timber floors will improve the thermal performance of dwellings. Good thermal insulation results from the installation of suitable insulating material(s) as well as the provision of appropriate sub-floor ventilation rates. Materials for insulating suspended timber floors used in Australia and around the world include mineral wool (batts and blankets), polystyrene, loose-fill or blown insulation, and reflective insulation.

This report reviewed thermal insulation materials and products that were recommend as suitable for installation with timber floors. The materials and products were identified by an extensive Australian-wide and overseas survey that collected product data and anecdotal evidence regarding the installation and performance of the systems. The report also reviewed popular construction practices, advice given by Timber Associations to builders, advice given by government agencies and departments to consumers, and requirements of the Building Code of Australia relating to residential construction using timber-framed floors.

The report also generated a set of data sheets that list insulation values of insulated floor systems for a range of site and construction configurations.

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Dr T. J. Williamson & B. L. Beauchamp (University of Adelaide)

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