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Pesticides in Plantations:The use of chemical pesticides by the Australian plantation forest industry

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To extend the understanding of the use of chemical pesticides in the plantation forest industry, this study reviewed and assessed the:

  • Regulatory controls at Federal, State and local Government levels;
  • Evolution of, and change in, chemical pesticide use by Australian agriculture and in plantations;
  • Use of chemical pesticides in plantation and agricultural crops industry; and
  • Typical use regimes in plantation forestry.

The study utilised published information on a range of issues relating to chemical pesticide use and attributes, included contact with industry experts and a confidential industry survey. This survey collected responses from plantation forestry managers responsible for the management of more than 92 per cent of the Australian plantation forestry estate. The information collected provides details of the type, rates of application and scale of use across a range of species and sites. The survey information provided a profile of the active ingredients and rates used by the industry. it was also the basis of the development of comprehensive chemical pesticide use models for six zones across Australia.


BM Jenkin (Sylva Systems), B Tomkins (Forestry Services)
Posted Date: October 22, 2006

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