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Review of fertilizer use in Australian forestry

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July 2009

This report reviews the history and current state of knowledge of fertiliser use in softwood and hardwood plantations in Australia, surveys current fertiliser use and strategies and compares these with those in selected agricultural crops. In addition, it estimates environmental impacts in terms of emissions to both air and water from fertiliser use in forestry and agricultural systems, and it puts these in terms of Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions. Opportunities for improving fertiliser efficiency and profitability are identified and knowledge gaps are summarised. Fertiliser use in hardwood and softwood plantations for the period 2002-04 was surveyed across 8 softwood and 6 hardwood growers representing 84% of the total softwood resource and 50% of the total hardwood resource.

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B. May, P. Smethurst, C. Carlyle, D. Mendham, J. Bruce & C. Baillie

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