• Webinar

Design and detail for durable timber

Held on Wednesday 15th October 2014, this webinar looks at resilience of timber, the assessment of durability of timber and appropriate ways of using it to ensure adequate service life. 

It also examines estimation of timber design life using some readily available guidelines. The potential for designing for durability is noted, and some principles for detailing durable timber are also presented.

Geoff Boughton is a Director of TimberED Services, a company that provides structural timber consultancy services to the Australian building industry, and had previously held an academic role at Curtin University for 13 years. He has a PhD in Structural Engineering.

He serves on a number of Australian timber standards committees including TM10 

  • Timber Design, as well as ISO Committee TC165
  • Structural Timber. Geoff is also the author of HB108
  • Timber Design Handbook. He has developed teaching resources for lecturers at Australian universities and has delivered several presentations on timber at IEAust and AIA events.

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