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Development of a Log Scanner Best Practice Guideline

Presented by Dr Martin Strandgard, AFORA – University of the Sunshine Coast on Wednesday 6 April,  2016.

The presentation reports the results of a recent FWPA project (PNC351-1415) that included a survey of millers and forest growers regarding the extent to which log scanners are used in the Australian forest industry.  

Also reported are  the types and uses of log scanners, the frequency and precision used in log scanner measurements and for checking and calibrating log scanners.

Based on the findings of the survey, recommendations are made concerning the development of a Log Scanner Best Practice Guideline. The report is due to be published shortly. 


Martin Strandgard has over 30 years of experience in the Australian forest industry. For the last ten years he has been researching forest harvesting and operations, with a focus on the use of on-board computers to monitor and improve forest harvesting operations.

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