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Discovery and application of DNA markers for resistance to Teratosphaeria in E. globulus

This presentation reports on the completion of the FWPA funded project Discovery and application of DNA markers for resistance to Terato-sphaeria in E. globulus (project PNC363-1415).

The incidence of the fungal infection Teratosphaeria leaf disease (TLD) has increased, in Blue gum plantations due to trees being of uniform age and having a reduced genetic diversity. As resistance to TLD has moderate to strong genetic component in Blue gums, selecting trees with the most resistant genes has an important economic advantage for tree breeders and growers.

The project was delivered by Gondwana Genomics who worked closely with industry participants to identify markers significantly associated with TLD resistance.  Methods for application of Marker-assisted selection (MAS) in breeding populations were tested. This webinar covers the findings of the study.

Dr Bala Thumma is a molecular geneticist who is passionate about application of molecular markers in practical breeding to improve the efficiency of traditional breeding. Currently he is the principal scientist at Gondwana Genomics, a start-up company delivering DNA marker based solutions for forest tree breeding community.

Previously he worked at CSIRO for 13 years where he pioneered the development of DNA marker based solutions for application in tree breeding.

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