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Forest Product Industries and Global Carbon – a report from the front line

Presented by Ross Hampton, CEO, Australian Forest products Associations (AFPA), Wednesday 19th February 2104

Mr Ross Hampton, Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Forest Products Association (AFPA), attended the nineteenth meeting of the United Nations Conference Of the Kyoto Agreement Parties (COP 19), held in Warsaw, Poland during November 2013. In a world of increasing populations, declining resources and a growing determination by many national Governments (including Australia’s) to move to a lower carbon economy, wood and everything made from trees should attract a market premium as a truly renewable, recyclable resource which actually stores carbon.

However neither policy settings nor consumer demand in Australia reflect this reality. Since they commenced in 1992, the ‘Conference of the Parties’ United Nations talks are the annual forum for multi-country discussions and decisions regarding global activity to reduce or slow greenhouse gas emissions. Each year a different country hosts the talks. In 2013 the host was Poland and the location was Warsaw. Ministers or delegates represented some 190 countries. About 9000 people attended in total. This webinar will cover the state of play internationally, the impact on Australian policy making and advice on how the industry here can better position to drive profits in a new carbon constrained world.

Mr Ross Hampton was appointed CEO of the Australian Forest Products Association in May 2013. Mr Hampton is a veteran of the policy and political scene having worked, at various times, as a reporter, adviser and policy advocate for the last twentyfive years in Australia and overseas. Mr Hampton has a long exposure and association with the issues confronting the Forest and Forest Products sector including water policy, climate change policy, trade policy, industrial relations policy and environment protection Prior to joining AFPA, Mr Hampton led the development of the Australian public sector market for global networking giant Cisco System, and is credited with a significant share of the multi-million dollar growth Cisco enjoyed.

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