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Forest productivity optimisation system – A decision support tool

Project Report PNC168-0910

Presented by Daniel Mendham, CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences, Wednesday 3 July 2013.

Daniel Mendham is a senior research scientist with CSIRO Ecosystem Sciences. He has close to 20 years experience in plantation productivity and sustainability research, particularly focussing on fast growing plantations in Australia and Asia. His interests are in forest plantation soils and nutrition, modelling and integration with water dynamics for maximising sustainable productivity and profitability. Recently he has been working with the forest industries in southern Australia to develop decision support systems that integrate existing and new knowledge to deliver research outcomes to forestry professionals. The Forest Productivity Optimisation System is the latest offering, which has been produced with the support of FWPA, CSIRO, the Forestry CRC and 9 other forestry organisations.


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PNC168-0910 project report

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