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National Plant Surveillance Workshop – Opportunities for Forest Sector

Webinar held Tuesday 2 August, 2016, presented by Francisco (Paco) Tovar,  WAPRES/IPMG Research.

This presentation will report on the recent Annual Workshop of the Subcommittee National Plant Health Surveillance (SNPHS) held in Melbourne 24th-25th May. The webinar will highlight key points made at the workshop,  discuss pitfalls to avoid and exciting emerging opportunities to improve biosecurity surveillance in the forest sector. 


Francisco (Paco) Tovar is Forest Health and Biosecurity Research Program manager for the Industry Pest Management Group (IPMG) in Western Australia.  Paco is also a member of AFPA’s Forest Health and Biosecurity (FHaB) sub-committee and the nominated forestry representative for SNPHS.

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