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Development of DNA marker selection tools in Australia’s major plantation eucalypts

Webinar held Wednesday 9th September, 2015. Presented by Dr Simon Southerton, Gondwana Genomics Pty Ltd

This FWPA funded project revealed numerous DNA markers controlling pulp yield and growth in E. nitens and E. globulus.

These markers predict accurately in unrelated populations growing in different environments, thus demonstrating their usefulness for early selection in breeding programs.

Dr Simon Southerton led the forest genomics research in CSIRO from 2005 to 2014 and is a founding director of Gondwana Genomics Pty Ltd, a spin off that delivers marker services to the eucalypt plantation industry.

His research has focused on identifying DNA markers in eucalypts that control variation in commercially valuable traits and developing methods for the practical application of marker-assisted selection in commercial breeding programs.

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