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Thermal Performance for Timber-framed Residential Construction: WoodSolutions Guide 24

Webinar held Wednesday 5th August, 2015. Presented by Dr Mark Dewsbury School of Architecture and Design, University of Tasmania

WoodSolutions is releasing three guides in relation to thermal performance and thermal mass in timber-framed buildings – Guides 22, 23 &24. Dr Mark Dewsbury will be presenting on Thermal Performance for Timber-framed Residential Construction (Guide 24).

In the evolving world of increased building regulation and an increasing market expectation for low energy homes there is a need to clearly and simply show how the renewable Australian timber resource can be used to provide thermally comfortable housing, whether they be located in the hot and humid climate of Broome or the cool temperate climate of Hobart.

This guide, which is aimed at designers, builders and home owners reinforces basic principles and introduces new strategies.

Mark Dewsbury is a researcher and lecturer in the School of Architecture and Design at the University of Tasmania. He is particularly passionate about sustainability and has been involved in the sustainable design of commercial and residential buildings in the public and private sectors for more than 20 years.His research focuses on methods of building to improve the construction and thermal performance of Australian housing.

This incorporates empirical validation, testing and calibration input for the Nationwide House Energy Rating Scheme, CHENATH and AccuRate building simulation programs.

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