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Mass timber meets timber frame in North America promotion

Australian architects, engineers and developers will see some of Canada’s most advanced timber buildings – both engineered timbers and timber framed – in a study tour that is being co-organised by FWPA and will also include factory visits.

Australian building professionals will see some of the world’s most advanced timber projects and meet some of the inspirational people behind them in a study tour of North America/Canada this July.

The itinerary will include completed buildings and those still under construction.

The group will also visit factories producing cross-laminated timber, and nail laminated timber, a product made of layers of laminations of wood, all with the grain laid parallel and nailed together.

The tour will be co-hosted by Eileen Newbury, program manager of WoodSolutions – an FWPA-owned brand that promotes and provides information to facilitate the use of timber in buildings – and Andrew Dunn, a timber engineer and CEO of the Timber Development Association NSW.

Eileen said the tour not only gave building professionals an opportunity to learn, but gave the industry an opportunity to engage closely with them and develop an even better understanding of their concerns and areas of interest.


Posted Date: June 5, 2017

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