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Development of a selection and Implementation guide for the use of onboard systems for Australian forest operations

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July 2021

Over recent decades forest operations have become increasingly mechanised, more capital intensive and more complex to manage. International experience has shown that using computers on board forest harvesting machines ensures expensive equipment work most effectively, saving money for both forest managers and machine owners.

For more than a year a range of available onboard computer types were tested in three major field trials covering the main Australian forest harvesting systems and forest types. The trials provided evidence of the potential gains to be made using onboard computers, including significant returns to forest contractors.

This project developed a guide titled ‘Enhancing forest machine efficiency: onboard computer selection and implementation guide.’ It details information on each type of onboard computer best suited to use in forest harvesting machines and presents a brief cost / benefit statement. It also emphasises the importance of pre-planning for cultural changes associated with the introduction of onboard computers.

The guide is available on the websites of Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) and the CRC for Forestry.


CRC for Forestry Ltd. Martin Strandgard and Mark Brown

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