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Incidence of Major Structural Damage from Termites in Australian Houses

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The Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) were in a position to shed light on the problem of major structural damage from termites  in data gathered in its “Australian Housing Survey” conducted in 1999. The survey asked questions about common causes of major structural problems based on householders’ perceptions. Data from the survey has been used in this report as a basis for exploring the incidence of major structural damage from termite attack on houses.  Comparisons are also made with other causes of major structural damage.

The data showed that major termite damage is less common than other major structural problems identified in the ABS survey.  For instance cracks in walls and floors are eight times more likely to occur than termite damage. Based on ABS data, termites are therefore considered a relatively minor cause of major structural problems in housing.

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P. Forsythe - Timber Development Association (NSW)

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