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Timber Framed Residential Housing: Thermal Bridging & The path to 7 Star NatHERS

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May 2021

The Australian and State and Territory Governments will introduce more stringent thermal performance requirements for residential homes in the next revision of the National Construction Code due in 2022. It is anticipated that a 7-star minimum (up from the current minimum of 6-stars) NatHERS Star Rating will be the requirement for new residential homes.

Improvements will need to be made to the thermal envelope of residential buildings in order to meet the new standards.

As such the scope of this study is to (1) investigate realistic and practical measures that could be implemented to meet the proposed energy efficiency standards and what impact that will have on the nature of timber framed homes and (2) investigate the impact of thermal bridging on wall section R values in order to ascertain requirements for both timber and steel framed systems to perform comparably.

Project number: PRA526-1920

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Philip Christopher, Khuong Bui & Tuan Ngo

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