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e-Cambium: Evaluating and modelling radiata pine wood property variation in the Murray Valley region

Webinar held Wednesday 18 May, 2016. The presentation reports the results of a soon to be completed FWPA project (PNC325-1314) which used the eCambium software tool to evaluate and model wood property variation of radiata pine in the Murray Valley region NSW.

The e-Cambium software tool was developed in a previous FWPA project (PNC196-1011) with CSIRO.

The tool uses information about site, management regime and daily weather data to predict variation in wood density and stiffness as well as stem radial growth.

The webinar will discuss the wider validation eCambium has undertaken in the Murray Valley region and enhancements to this operational decision support tool.

Dr Geoff Downes,  Forest Quality Pty. Ltd. Geoff spent over 20 years as a Senior / Principal Research Scientist with CSIRO. He continues to work with the sector through Forest Quality Pty. Ltd. His main research interests revolve around wood quality issues in plantation forests, particularly in regard to site and climate effects on wood formation.

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