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Modelling the future to help minimise the impacts of bushfire events on forestry (Ep. 27)

In the face of a climate likely to become hotter and drier in the future, and with bushfires continuing to pose a significant threat, a variety of forestry-related research initiatives are currently underway across Australia.

As an industry, forestry is particularly vulnerable to bushfire threat, with the associated risks having the potential to impact plantation companies, native forest managers, wood processors and manufacturers in a variety of ways.

The latest episode of WoodChat focuses on a recently-completed FWPA-supported research project aimed at increasing the industry’s capacity to minimise the impacts of future bushfire events. This work is focused on updating fuel accumulation and fire spread models for Australian forestry plantations. The project was co-funded by most of Australia’s large plantation managers, with matching funding from the Australian Government.

During the episode, we also provide a round-up of other interesting projects around bushfire mitigation and management happening around Australia.

Click below to discover more about the research and initiatives we cover in this episode:

Posted Date: February 17, 2023

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