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Contemporary sound & fire rated timber framed construction practices for low rise building

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In 1994 there was no market for fire and sound rated timber framing; it now accounts for more than $100 million of timber sales in Australia annually. Technological change meant the Multi Residential Timber Framed Construction (MRTFC) market needed to be further developed in order to remain competitive. It was essential construction practices were developed for all building classifications of low rise framed buildings (i.e. up to 3 storeys), and that these achieve full compliance with the Building Code of Australia’s (BCA) ‘deemed-to-satisfy’ provisions for sound insulation and fire resistance.

Three guides have been produced to cover different Multi Residential structures. Each guide sets out a step-by-step process; starting with high-level BCA design issues such as building class and set-out of separating walls. The guides also explain how to select and detail appropriate timber-framed wall and flooring systems, and offer advice on how to tackle other structural considerations.

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Andrew Dunn

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