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Four year inspection of a comparative trial of accelerated H3 decay test method

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October 2012

It is crucial that new H3 (for external above ground use) timber preservative products are reliable and have proven results; however, the laboratory and field tests that measure performance can take six or seven years. This research has reduced testing times down to three years.

The most reliable and fastest tests are the deck-on-grass (samples sit on the ground), ground proximity (samples sit on concrete bricks) and embedded tests (sample embedded in untreated timber envelop).

Twelve decay test methods were tested at five sites, including two Accelerated Field Simulators. The treatments examined were CCA, copper chromate, alkaline copper high quat (AChQ), copper azole, azoles, kerosene, boron, TBTN, and copper naphthenate.

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Laurie J. Cookson, David Page and Tripti Singh

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