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Genetic gain optimisation in tree breeding (MATEPLAN) & deployment (SEEDPLAN)

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October 2008

During the last decade the Southern Tree Breeding Association has generated and developed strategically important intellectual property and tools for tree improvement in Pinus radiata, Eucalyptus globulus and other species.

This project developed software known as MATEPLAN and SEEDPLAN. MATEPLAN is the tool that will guide and optimise selection and crossing in the breeding program. SEEDPLAN will stand for a collection of tools that can be used in various deployment tasks, such as selection of genotypes for a seed orchard, the creation of deployment values for seedlots, and the optimal matching of seedlots to plantation stands.

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R. J. Kerr, G. W. Dutkowski, T. A. McRae, D. J. Pilbeam, M. B. Powell, A. I. Cameron, S. Hunter, R. Breidahl, B. M. Potts and R. Jones

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