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Technical Manuals For Timber Service Life Design Guide

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August 2007

These manuals are backing document to the Timber Service Life design guide that is available on WoodSolutions, click here to view.

The vision for developing durability design procedures for timber, based upon rational engineering reliability principles, can be attributed to Drs Bob Leicester and John Barnacle (ex CSIRO) in a Forest Products Research Conference paper in 1990. This vision was taken up and actively participated in, by the research fraternity (CSIRO-BCE, CSIRO-MIT, CSIRO-SE, CSIRO-DFFP, QLD and NSW Forest Research Institutes and private consultants), industry and Forest and Wood Products Australia (FWPA) who undertook this world first Durability Design Project completed in 2007.  Contributions of earlier Australian timber durability researchers (mainly CSIRO and State Forest Services) who had the foresight to establish long term field trials that are still producing valuable data, after more than 30 years exposure, must also be acknowledged.

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Project documents:

  1. Climate data processing ManualNo1-ClimateData.pdf
  2. Reliability equations ManualNo2-Reliability Equations.pdf
  3. Decay in ground contact ManualNo3-IG Decay.pdf
  4. Decay above ground ManualNo4-AG decay.pdf
  5. Atmospheric corrosion in fasteners in exposed timber structures  ManualNo5-AtmosphericCorrosion.pdf
  6. Embedded Corrosion of Fasteners in Timber Structures ManualNo6-EmbeddedCorrosion.pdf
  7. Marine borer attack on timber structures ManualNo7-MarineBorerAttack.pdf
  8. Termite attack ManualNo8-Termites.pdf
  9. Models for timber produced in building envelope ManualNo9-BuildingEnvelope.pdf
  10. Commentary on a Proposed Timber Service Life Design Code ManualNo10-CodeCommentary.pdf
  11. Equations for Use in a Service Life Design Guide ManualNo11-EqsDesignGuide.pdf
  12. Equations for Use in TimberLife ManualNo12-EqsTimberLife.pdf


Minh N. Nguyen, Robert H. Leicester, and Chi-hsiang Wang

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